“Tip to Tip” is more than just a slide show, it’s a presentation, an installation. It’s performance art!!
Musician and entertainer Irene Schroeder brings you an installation with original gear, 20 large canvas prints including a 360 degree print of the Bolivian Salt Flats, plus over 300 slides detailing the epic journey while she sings and tells stories of her bike ride Chasing Dangerado…(her bike racing boyfriend) 20,000 miles totally self-contained from the very northern tip of Alaska to the very southern tip of Chile, surviving each others company in their blue tent for 17 months, bicycling along the entire Continental Divide of the Americas on the smallest, most brutal roads they could find through the most wondrous National Parks, learning to live on the bike and in the Wild, bonding with Mother Nature and tackling their inner demons!
“Tip to Tip” is an Epic tale of self determination and World discovery that will inspire audiences to ride bikes passionately, to respect Mother Nature above all…  and to dream and live life to the fullest.

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Presentation – Installation

Below are photos from a recent event. 


Photos from the “Tip to Tip” Ride

Photos from the journey. 


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