BIKES. Award winning Colorado bicycle company established in 1999 by  the inspiring and creative James Bleakley. [Learn More]

BIKES. Award winning bicycle company based in Boulder Colorado. Locally owned and operated. [Learn More]

PACKS. Purveyor of exceptional bike packs from a wonderful group of people in Minnesota. Carry what you need. [Learn More]

SADDLES. Exceptional handmade bicycle saddles for optimal ergonomics and health. Because your saddle should adjust to you, not you to your saddle. Saddle-up for the ride. [Learn More]

HANDLE BARS. Custom handle bars for comfort. The “Rapture Bars” and “Raptor Bars” are made to fit you. Contact Irene for details. [Contact]

GEAR. Items to inspire your life. Music, jewelry, patches, and more available through our Etsy store. Contact Irene if you have a special request for something you need. [Visit]


Bicycle Happiness
Iowa City, Iowa


(319) 400-8378

Right to Ride

“Riding is for everyone and is everyone’s right.”