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Bicycle Happiness merchandise, patches, music, jewelry, patches, and more available through our Etsy store. [Visit]

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“Tip to Tip”

Presentation for hire – Epic 20,000 mile ride that Irene completed during 17 months from 1993 to 1994, going from northern Alaska to the southern tip of Chile. Through maps, photos, and storytelling, Irene shares her experience.

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Your donation helps expand the reach of Bicycle Happiness, with free clinics, training and more. Using PayPal, make your donation to irene@ bicyclehappiness.com


Love Your Ride

Irene helps to customize bikes to fit and function best for the rider. Specialty racks, bags, baskets, lights, pedals, handle bars and more. 

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Custom Bike Gear

Contact Irene for custom gear including super comfortable handlebars.



Through seasonal clinics, Irene helps equip riders for safer and more enjoyable year-round riding.

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Right to Ride

“Riding is for everyone and is everyone’s right.”